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Charity Bibs

The official page to acquire a charity bib for Chianti Ultra Trail by UTMB



We are the “Diversamente Eroici”, an Association founded in 2018 in Gaiole in Chianti and there we work to learn about the world of work that is "suitable for us", we learn by doing increasingly engaging experiences. With the aim of developing our skills, discover our talent and develop our autonomy. “Differently Heroic” We are the protagonists of our days! Our motto is “One for all and all for one!" The association's activity is totally managed by volunteers. The economic resources of the association derive from membership and donations from associates and public bodies following participation in tenders. We have just completed a project called “Diversamente Contadini” in collaboration with the “Il Cuore si Scioglie Foundation” of UNICOOP Florence, were raised the funds to allow us to work alongside a winery of the splendid Chianti area in the municipalities of Gaiole in Chianti, Radda in Chianti and Castellina in Chianti, where guided by internal staff and a professional educator, we will be introduced to the tasks of preparing and cultivating a vegetable garden, working in the vineyards, maintenance of gardens, care of farmyard animals and processing of raw materials into excellent finished products. Our fresh pasta and work in the garden Work in the Vineyards This project was born a few months ago and considering the success achieved it is enormous appreciation he received from the kids, we thought about giving him continuity, enriching it also with the participation of a professional educator. Initially it is was financed exclusively by the association, through the work and contributions of volunteers. It is organized in 3/4 hour sessions which take place in the morning in the countryside and in the morning afternoon on site, following a program shared between professional educators and the farm staff and allowing participants to experience moments of group for breakfast and lunch. Giving continuity to external activities on the farm, with garden management and care of the animals and the food processing practices carried out on site, the boys they will have the opportunity to feel active and will be able to practice their skills intellectual, practical and emotional. Observing the fruits of their labor will increase their feeling of self-esteem and their sense of effectiveness, in search of the person's physical and psychological well-being and to regain an active role in society. In the operational headquarters in Radda in Chianti, we have a room available where we prepare the finished products and organize events to support the association's activities.

Take your Charity bibs and help this special guys!